Struggle to pay bills? 2 tips to ease the pain

Struggle to pay bills?  2 tips to ease the pain

This is not a blog about scheduling, automating, or any other bill system, this is about changing your attitude towards bills.

I have no issue paying bills, on time every time, and here’s how I got to this happy place!

Tip 1: Be Grateful, and Proud

Okay has Wealthy Chick gone mad? Grateful for bills?

Totally sane because I like feeling good about myself and my finances:

  • Grateful I have the funds to pay my bills, and
  • Proud that I can prioritise and “adult” effectively

Lets break this down, if you have funds to pay your own bills you are doing well, even if there isn’t much left over, you are providing for you and your family, and that’s worth celebrating.

If you changed priorities, missed a social event, buy Aldi wine, yep that’s me, to make sure the bills were paid, I’m proud of you. You’re adulting and a super responsible Wealthy Chick (or Dude, thanks for joining us)

So next time you cry “I’m hopeless with bills”, do this:

  • look at your bank account, can you pay the bill?, YES
  • Celebrate, shout woo hoo, because what a privileged place to be

Note: If you honestly say No to step one contact me for some help, first session is free.

Note 2: Once you have finished celebrating, with Aldi wine, pay the bloody bill!

Tip 2: Acknowledge the Benefit Received

If you are still whinging about the cost of the bill stop and reflect on what you received.

Sometimes we take for granted what we pay for, and if we reflect on the benefit received we start to see the value. Here’s an example:

Electricity and gas:

OMG I love my hot shower or a nice relaxing bath.

All of my hair devices…….it takes a lot to get this mane looking fabulous!

I love heating in winter, so warm and snuggly.

I love cooking, for me, for friends, for my dog (yes I cook Hugo’s food, no judging!)

I love my fridge, it keeps my wine and cheese cool and fresh. Oh, and for food, of course!

I cannot live without a charged iPhone, ipad, and the laptop I am writing this on. It allows me communicate and stay connected with you, my friends and my family.

I love being entertained watching Netflix on my rather large TV and listening to my favourite music on surround sound.

I am comforted by lights that make me feel secure and stop me bumping in to things when I walk through the house, well most things, that sneaky dining table jumps out at me at least once a week!

I love a really strong, hot cuppa first thing in the morning.

I love clean sheets, they are the best.

Security, food, wine, heating, cooling, joy, entertainment, security etc is brought to me by electricity and gas, that I pay for….and when I consider how much I rely them for both my personal and business life, I happily pay on time.

You can review and acknowledge the benefit from any bill, and if after a review you don’t receive, don’t complain, discontinue the service and stop paying the bill (gym membership anyone?).

Otherwise, pay the bloody bill!

Bonus Tip: Don’t get Ripped Off!

Just because I’m adulting and grateful doesn’t mean I get ripped off. I review and compare everything to make sure I’m still receiving the best deal. Here’s how to make it fun:

Wine and Cheese

Schedule time for yourself, or you and your partner, and call it

“wine, cheese and sticking it to the bills time”

Make it fun, be kind, and laugh at yourself when you admit you overpaid on electricity for a year, oh wait that’s me, anyway…..get the best deal, and celebrate the savings.

Do something special with 20% of the savings, and save, properly save, the rest….it’s bonus money, and Wealthy Chicks save the bonus money.

In closing, go and pay a bill today, be grateful and proud of yourself, because I’m very proud of you for making it to the end of the blog, and paying your bill with a smile!



Dammit – I Undercharged Again!

Dammit – I Undercharged Again!

Don’t look away because you don’t run a business, this resonates with people who:

  • Are underpaid (Australian woman earning on average 16% less than their male counterpart)
  • Work extra hours for no reward, nothing, WHY?
  • consultants who undercharge, or don’t charge, for their valuable services

I’ll get to reasons why we undercharge, but first, what happened to Wealthy Chick this time, and I’ll admit this lesson was painful as it was an (obvious) opportunity to charge a premium.

The Situation

Lunch time I am contacted by a potential client to provide an Expert Opinion Report by the next day. I was free later that afternoon and a client had rescheduled, I’m in.

Then comes the dreaded question

How long will it take and what’s your hourly rate……

warning will robinson

I ignore the warning and didn’t act like a Wealthy Chick. I jumped in with a short time frame and a low rate, completely disregarding the value I was providing:

  • an expert opinion
  • provided at very short notice
  • in a professional report

Instead I focused on:

  • Phew, I can replace income lost when my client rescheduled
  • How nice the universe sent me this opportunity, lucky me
  • Not charging too much as I want future work with this client
  • Not charging too much as this was a simple job, for me

Why Do We Undercharge?

Your brain is probably already firing with so many answers, so lets breakdown my experience:

  • Devaluing our services/ worth – because the work was relatively “uncomplicated”, for me, I decided to undercharge. The reality is that it took me 12 years to become an expert in a complex field, and undercharging devalued my efforts
  • It’s better than nothing – I felt relieved that I would be earning something, instead of nothing,  when I should have focused on the right price
  • It’s about experience and building relationships – which it can be, however this was not the time to discount. The client called me to help them solve an issue, urgently, because I had the expertise and they needed me
  • Embarrassed to ask for what we’re worth? – I’ll admit I worry people will laugh, loudly, when I quote my full rate, and we’ll just end up negotiating a lower price. This wouldn’t have happened here, and in the unlikely event it did, the negotiated price would have been higher than my discounted rate.
  • Not Charging a Premium for Urgent work – I was providing this client with valuable, game changing expertise at very short notice, and instead of adding a perfectly acceptable premium to my rate, I gave a discount.
  • Not believing/ communicating the value of my services – this is probably the crux of the matter, I question my value, who am I to be charging so much, surely there is someone better than me, blah blah blah!!!!! I am exceptionally good in this area, and I need to own that, communicate that and charge a premium.

How to Own and Understand your value and charge appropriately

When I was discussing the final report with the end client, lawyers by the way, one commented:

“It must feel great to be the smartest person in the room”

It did, ego inflated, but it clearly demonstrated how much I had undercharged and why it won’t happen again:

  • I am unique, my services and experiences are valuable and credible (own this!!)
  • What is easy for me is actually difficult/impossible for others, charge a premium.
  • Repeat back to the client the value you provide then state a rate using language that demonstrates the deal is done (see underlined words). In this instance I should have said “To clarify, we agree in less than 24 hours to provide a report that is critical to our clients success. I will produce this report on short notice however I will need to adjust my schedule and charge a premium to ensure we meet our clients urgent deadline, my rate is $x (x = normal rate plus a premium)”
  • Clients expect to be charged, and while everyone loves a bargain, when it comes to urgent critical services, clients will pay a premium for your expertise.
  • Your value proposition is likely to be your story, it is unique and special, so tell it confidently, in your voice, your language and the right clients will connect with you


I hope you enjoyed another peak in to the life of this Wealthy Chick, and I’d love to hear your stories. I’ll touch on salary negotiation and how to get rewarded for unpaid overtime, even when you are on a salary, in a future blog.





What A Ski Trip Taught me About Strong Women

What A Ski Trip Taught me About Strong Women

My first ski trip with 7 fantastic women, loads of fun and a few interesting challenges along the way. So what did I learn about strength from a ski trip?

Physical Strength

Skiing you need to be strong to ski, especially stopping in time before taking out other skiers, something the guy who ploughed in to me didn’t perfect!

Snow that stuff is heavy. Picture this, the hotel carpark and its the female staff shovelling snow off the driveway, plus our all female group digging their cars out. Woman Power.


Ski Gear also heavy! The boots could be made of lead, plus carrying ski’s, poles, helmet and goggles, cinnamon donuts…okay the donuts were hot and fluffy, and didn’t last long, but overall, heavy!

Mental Strength

There was something about cards and finances that weekend:

  • lost credit card
  • lost drivers licence
  • $50 stolen
  • hefty speeding fine, and
  • a phone banking scam.

Inconvenient, sure, a fun limiting problem, no way! There was no whinging, no dwelling on the issue, instead an attitude of these things happen, let the fun continue.

We also had car adventures! In addition to the hefty speeding fine (the little police chase was a bit funny), we also had:

  • a slight bingle on the icy hotel driveway
  • challenges attaching snow chains to the tires
  • driving on icy roads for the first time
  • clutch starting the car, in reverse, down a hill after it wouldn’t start. Handy hint, don’t turn the car off when removing snow chains!


Then some of us were first time skiers, and as daunting as that felt we had to get out of our heads, accept that we’d fall on our butts, a lot, get back up and continue our lessons.

None of these obstacles dampened our spirits, just our pants! We kept on getting up, sometimes off the snow, and kept going.


How do Strong Woman Deal with Challenges?

Attitude – our goal was to have fun and a few hurdles were not going to ruin the snow fest.

Gratitude – no matter the problem we remained grateful, either because the problem could have been much worse, or because of how fantastic everything else was.

Move On – resolved each problem in isolation and then closed it off. We get discouraged when deposits are constantly made to the Problem Bank, creating a bigger and more overwhelming problem balance.

Forgiveness – sure some of these problems were self-inflicted, a lapse in concentration, however mistakes happen, so instead of beating yourself up, be kind and forgive yourself.

So, snow adventure anyone?

Wallet Friendly Activities

Wallet Friendly Activities

For those days when you want to do something, but don’t want to spend all bucks!

See full article on MyDeal here

Including my little section

Help Others In Need
Everyone needs a helping hand at some point, so why not spend some time helping others? It’s free and it can help boost your positive karma. Amanda Fuller from Wealthy Chicks offers her advice for those who want to give back to the community. “There are some many fun ways to volunteer, where you not only get to do something, but contribute in a meaningful way and feel great. Two options are:
Helping the animals needing some love at the RSPCA, or walking the dogs at one of the many rescue centres across the country
Host a clothes donation party for charity. Invite your friends to bring clothes, in good condition of course, plus wine and nibbles. A fun afternoon with friends, free for you, and all you have to do is donate the clothes to your local charity. If you have friends with corporate attire consider donating to” Find out more about Wealthy Chicks by following them on Facebook.


I am a fan of being grateful, I do it every morning and it never fails to reset my mood, yet I’m usually grateful for external things or events, I rarely think about what I do well.

Like most people I go to bed thinking about what I can do better tomorrow. No perfectionism here! In all seriousness, it’s not the most positive way to go to sleep.

Then I read this little bit of wisdom in the book Option B, by Sheryl Sandberg. Before you go to sleep, look back on your day and reflect on 3 things you did well.

This strategy works really well when you are having one of those days when this thought raises its ugly head “everything is going wrong, I can’t do anything right!”

Nip that in the bud before you lose hours of sleep, take a deep breathe, reflect positively on the day, and ask:

What 3 Things Did I do Well Today?

Simple yet effective. Well, maybe not so simple for those of us who are overly critical of ourselves, we can lie there for hours struggling to think of even one big thing we did well, so I suggest you ditch the need to solve all of the worlds problems, and start small.

When I say start small, how small? To help you along I’ll share some of mine:

  • Parallel parked like an expert on a busy Sydney street (especially proud of this one!)
  • Booked a ticket for a business networking event (networking is not scary!)
  • Finished another module towards achieving money archetypes certification
  • Made an awesome cup of tea
  • Meditated for 10 minutes
  • Reached out to a friend to wish her all the best in her new business venture
  • Walked the dog
  • Offered to put the neighbours bins out while they are on holiday
  • Made pate for the first time, it was delicious
  • Got out of bed, early!

None of these things are going to change the world, nor are they about boosting my ego, however when I take the time to look back on my day, no matter what type of day, I can find three things that I did well.

So how would you like to go to sleep? Worrying about what you can do better tomorrow, or celebrating what you did well today?

I would love to know what 3 things you did well today.

6 Ways to Save Money Overseas (

6 Ways to Save Money Overseas (

Hi Wealthy Chicks

A call out for an insightful article originally published on the website, with a little bit of input from myself. Yes I am a wee bit excited!

Click HERE for the full article. Topics covered include:

Get Techy With It
It’s All In The Timing (including my bit!)
Amanda Fuller, the Money Mindset Coach at Wealthy Chicks has the perfect way to save some money before you even set off. “ Plan to travel during the low or shoulder season as prices are cheaper. I was in Miami before the Memorial Day weekend, and restaurants were offering 50% off food, so I ate twice as much, really delicious! The weather was still amazing, there was still a buzz, however food, tours and the hotel were all cheaper, Cha-Ching!” Find out more about Wealthy Chicks by following them on Facebook.

Wanderlust + Pets = A Great HolidayRiding Solo
Food, Glorious Food

Please, Sir, I Want Some More
Quench That Thirst

It’s inspired me to start booking my next trip, any travel and saving hints for Sri Lanka?

Want to make tax time easier?

Want to make tax time easier?

Are you getting back everything you are entitled to?

Tax Season – why start now?

I know I know, tax season officially starts on the 1st July and you were hoping not to think about taxes for at least another month, or three, or more?

I too used be like that, I usually did my tax, in a panic, on the eve of the 31st October, knowing full well that I wasn’t getting back what I was fully entitled to.

No more, I changed a few years ago and learnt that being prepared (yeah, boo, hiss!) not only made life easier, but increased my return. Here are a few tips that work for me.

Wealthy Chicks Tax Prep Tips

  1. Do you have an accountant that specialises in what you do? My accountant is both a savvy property investor and small business owner. Yeah, he costs a bit more than your local H&R Block, but that small investment pays off significantly, and is tax deductible next year.
  2. Do you listen and apply the advice your accountant gives you? No, you forgot, got lazy, whatever the excuse you have less than a month, so get on to it, it’s smart advice.
  3. Is your data and records in order. Missing receipts, invoices etc, get on to that now to minimise delays, or worse,  not able to claim a legitimate deduction.
  4. Review if prepaying expenses is appropriate for you, for example interest on loans, business expenses, water or council rates, health insurance.
  5. If you have investment properties are there any repair or maintenance items you can attend to before the end of the year?
  6. All income received, no, then chase those clients up, today, chop chop.
  7. All invoices paid? No, then get on to it, close off this year
  8. Completely understand all the deductions you are entitled to and revert to item 3.

If you need any more advice I urge you to employ an accountant, they really do make a difference, and for further information try the ATO website here, as it has a lot of helpful information.

I will head my own advice and start preparing for the end of the year, with enthusiasm as the beneficiary will be my bank account.


A lesson in gratitude from Cuba

A lesson in gratitude from Cuba

Two things this Wealthy Chick loves, travel and gratitude.

Cuba – taking gratitude to a new level

One of the reasons I love to travel is the opportunity to experience diverse countries and cultures that are very different to my everyday life, and Cuba ticks all the boxes, so why this heightened sense of gratitude?

When you travel you always miss things from home, but in Cuba, a country that was forcibly stuck in the past, you feel conflicted. In the cities you love it’s old cars, shabby chic buildings and $5 bottles of rum, yet cross fingers the next loo has a toilet seat (probably not!), in the country you smile at the simplicity of life with horse and cart, whilst dreading another static filled night sleeping on synthetic sheets.


On one hand you love that Cuban life is social, it’s lived loudly on the steeets and in the parks, music abounds, yet you scream in frustration when you cannot get on the internet because everyone in town is at the one park that has wifi, and its noisy!

I had forgotten how to travel without my phone and wifi, and I am grateful to Cuba for forcibly giving that back to me. I had to use paper maps to navigate, not easy when some towns were deliberately designed to confuse invaders and directionally challenged Australians.

I am grateful I enjoyed a device free holiday. I loved the fact that every dinner was phone free, every cafe and bar had people talking to each other, no one had their head stuck in a phone or iPad.

Yet sometimes I still wanted the internet, to google the best restaurant or bar or use google maps and find my way back to my Casa.  I had to stop living in my world and step in to Cuba’s world, ask someone for a recommendation, ask for directions, experience different restaurants and bars to find the best. It allowed me to really connect with the Cuban locals, who are very kind and helpful.

The photo and gratitude

The cover photo for this blog is where I really felt gratitude for the generousity of the people in Cuba and remember how lucky I am to have been born in Australia.

A wonderful family hosted my group for lunch, it was one of the best meals I had in Cuba, succulent pork, tasty vegetables, rice, black beans and an array of fruit. All fresh from the farm situated in the hills next to a gentle stream, delicious food in a scenic location.

As I was leaving I needed to use the bathroom, my mind shifted from being relaxed to toilet anxiety kicking in! Will there be a toilet seat, do I have enough paper, OMG is that wooden hut really the bathroom?

It was a very nice bathroom that consisted of a toilet, with a seat,  and a shower stall, no running water. The toilet is “flushed” with a bucket of water, and the shower stall only had a drain, to shower you use a bucket of water, usually cold.

This place resonated with me because I frequently use being grateful for a hot shower as an example of gratitude when I am coaching clients who tell me they have nothing to be grateful for.

I am now even more grateful for my on demand hot shower and my flushing toilet, with toilet seat and paper.

As I write this blog I am also grateful for accessible and speedy wifi!

What are you grateful for?

More importantly what should you be grateful for?






Money – there’s never enough?

Money – there’s never enough?

We all have money worries, with most falling in to the following three categories:

  • There’s never enough money;
  • I’m hopeless at managing money,  when I actually have any; and
  • Screw it, money is evil anyway

My current money worry was the  biggie, there is not enough. Yes even Wealthy Chicks worry about money!

Despite planning for a drop in income as I build my business my emotional reaction was unexpected, and horrible. I felt anxious, concerned, worried, stressed and thought about money constantly.

“I’ll never earn enough again!” 

How did I get here?

Like a lot of us I grew up hearing that we didn’t have anough money, “money doesn’t grow on tree’s”, and to spend money on one thing you must give up something else.

You grow up and continue to hear stories on the news, from family and friends about people with money worries, spiralling debt, never being able to afford to buy a home.

No wonder we continue to believe that there isn’t enough money.

bill shock

Then you get a large unexpected bill or two that reinforces that belief. For me it was a vet bill and an invoice for a range hood, a decision I consciously made to protect new paint. Were the funds available? Yes. Was it in my planned budget? Nooo, therefore “THERE’S NOT ENOUGH’!

The irony of this belief is when you do have success you feel guilty because someone else must have gone without. I am regularly in this space, swinging from feeling guilty because I have too much, to worrying because there can’t possibly be enough. You may even self sabotage your success to go back where you belong, where there’s not enough money.

How do you deal with this worry?

Acknowledge it – give it a voice, say it out loud, share with a friend or write it down. Please don’t do what I did and allow it to fester, building momentum and making me feel worse.

Simply writing this blog released worry and believe me suppressing the worry doesn’t help it go away.

Do you really know what you are worried about? So many people say “I need more money”, yet they don’t actually know how much they really need, right now.

Do your numbers and be specific about how much you need right now. If you need  a budget contact me and I will send you a template. Once you determine how much you need right now, do you already have that much or is there a shortfall?

As humans we tend to exaggerate our worries, so being specific helps determine if your worry is:

  1. Valid
  2. Accurate in the size of the problem.

5 cent piece

If you don’t know how much you really need how are you going to fix it? Someone can give you more money, here’s 5 cents….now don’t complain, you said “I need more money”

Another risk in being vague is you tend to make emotional and/ or knee jerk decisions.

I needed to drop the rent on a property and I had a glorious rant about how this sucked, was financially disastrous and I decided to sell the property, STAT.

I got all worked up, totally convinced I’d be broke , and then I went back to my budget, updated the numbers and it still works.

Damn the numbers, my spectatular tirade was over, because the specifics stopped the worry.

Do Something – look at one, just one thing you are worried about and find a way to reduce that single worry. For example, I will feel more optimistic if I had 2 more paying clients.

Instead of constantly worrying about money the focus shifts to the actions. Try it, what’s the one thing you could do to reduce one money worry, then focus on that.

i am enough


There is enough and you are enough (my struggle) If, like me, this is your struggle, that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, anything enough, here’s our new mantra:

  • I am enough
  • I am doing enough
  • I am doing exactly what I need to be doing

Smile, believe, repeat, because money cannot stop you feeling unworthy and you will continue in the struggle between worrying there isn’t enough and feeling guilty when you do fleetingly have enough.

If you still struggle with your money worries lets talk, the first coaching session is on me. You can contact me via email




Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding on the 20th. Julie Andrews

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding on the 20th. Julie Andrews

A very short blog. Sometimes a person or a quote pops up at just the right moment, like the quote above did for me this morning.

Whenever you embark on something new, remember it’s new, you don’t know everything, and you probably won’t be perfect at anything, nada, zip, zilch, zero!

Can you feel the tension rising already, I won’t be right or perfect first go? I’ll admit this is a big problem for me, that I won’t get “it” right.

Keep going, learn (not fail) 19 times because each time you are getting better, slowly, and slow and steady is good. Slow down to learn from all 19 lessons, because when success comes it will be powerful and worth a huge celebration and I’d love an invite.

So whatever little stumble you had recently, look back, smile and be proud you had a go, you are one step closer to success.

Photo credit: Amanda Fuller – Wealthy Chick. Nelson Bay