Big Life Changes – how can I Reno Now?



Time flies when you are taking action and it’s been ages since my last post. Missed me? Of course, and you are anxiously wanting to know what I have been up to. Short version:

  • completed a 1 week coaching course in Melbourne (loved it)
  • went to the Sunshine Coast for a little holiday and to see the rental property I built and immediately tenanted in December
  • celebrated 25 years with BankWest/ CBA on the 19th June
  • fantastic weekend in the Hunter Valley celebrating a friends 40th birthday
  • Resigned and left my job on the 30th June
  • From 1st July 100% focused on running my Wealthy Chicks coaching business

WAIT A MINUTE – celebrated 25 years and then left your job! Explain yourself.

Firstly, imagine what the long version would look like, epic, I have saved you a lot of reading, and boredom, thank you wealthy chick!

Explanation, well it has been an emotional roller coaster, a thrilling ride and I am finally getting out of my banking comfort zone and embarking on an exciting new career in my own business, Wealthy Chicks.

Exciting means REALLY “swear word of your choosing” SCARY! I left the security of

great pay, annual bonus, good company, nice office, perks aplenty. I left all that, and although I am a little bit scared about the future I don’t regret leaving. Why, because I was no longer passionate about my job. I used to love, love, love my work, and then I didn’t, and looking back I stayed 18 months too long.

What does this mean for my renovation dream? I was hoping to buy a place before I left my job, do I shelve that dream? Banks sorta like to see a stable income, not possible business earnings or future profit from a Reno flip.

Reno dream over, again! Blog closing down, again! Maybe that’s okay, I have a new business to focus on (slightly miffed, but I’ll live).


I like to learn as it will make me a better coach and a more informed investor. With that in mind I set off to a free seminar linked to the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books. I was hoping it was a seminar to find a rich sugar daddy, if only (if that seminar does exist send me an invite as it would make for an awesome blog!)

I went as I thought I might get a few idea’s for my business, but instead I had a lightbulb moment.


I don’t need to do a Reno on my own!

If you read previous posts you will know that I am good at predicting doom, hard on myself, action oriented and don’t ask for help, oh and hate research. Basically a very well balanced wealthy chick, who thought she had to do her Reno on her own.

This little 2 hour seminar opened up a lot of possibilities, and I can achieve my renovation dream with a partner (a busines partner, not a partner of the boyfriend variety… there’s that doing things on my own kicking in again!).

Anyway, back to renovation with a partner. I know that means asking for help, internally cringing, but I am excited. Reno dream is still possible and I can share this amazing experience with someone else, which is pretty special.

Asking for help – even more rewarding that I anticipated

This story is a last minute bonus, for me and you, well for you it might just be the photo of Ryan Gosling, best part of the blog!

I joined a 7 day challenge run by the amazing Turia Pitt, and the challenge for day 4 was going outside your comfort zone. I posted my struggle asking friends to help me practice coaching. I publicly committed to asking 3 friends to spend an hour with me as a coach. Phew, a bit scary putting it out there, but I committed and immediately took action, coaching session organised.

Fast forward about 90 minutes and I go back to my post and all these amazing people not only offered supportive words, they want me to coach them! People I have never met before want to help me. I’ll admit I got a bit emotional, amd then took action! Let the coaching begin my little Guinea Pigs!


And thank you Mr Gosling!


Get out of your comfort zone, do what you love, recognise and seize opportunities when they present themselves, and ask for help. It works and feels soo good.









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