Dramatic title, well a lot of us need a little wake up call.

Stay in your head and you’re dead. I could be slightly nicer and say stay in your head and you stagnate or gently tell you that over thinking stops you taking action or that taking forever to do “research” is actually analysis paralysis.

I prefer “stay in your head and you are dead”,  because when there are no signs of life, time of death is called, you are dead.

“Stay in your Head and you’re Dead” is a quote that resonates because so often, and recently, I hear females say they want to invest but they’re scared, don’t know if they should invest in shares or property, where to buy, what to buy, house or apartment, or should they build, or buy, new or old property, what state, how much, will they get a tenant, etc etc. it’s exhausting thinking that much, and you get stuck in your head and the investing is dead.

So how do you get “out of your head”?


Write all those thoughts down, brain dump them, purge them and determine what is really keeping you stuck in your head and holding you back. I am pretty confident that for all the reasons you will throw at me, and there will be plenty because you have been thinking about this for a long time, the underlying theme is the fear that you will make a…………


Big Arse Mistake

Now no one wants to make a BAM, but while you are stuck in your head avoiding a BAM you are also missing out on investment opportunities, learning experiences, reaching your goals and not being dead (that one is a biggie)!

So how do you avoid a BAM. Firstly stop hanging out in Gotham City turning on the batman search light, then start to learn from the experts, speak to people who have invested or even better book a coaching session with me. What You Must NOT Do is:

Take Driving Lessons from Someone who Doesn’t Drive


This will be the topic for tomorrow’s instalment, yes 2 in 1 week, and it’s a goodie. When did life get so awesome!







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