“Do one thing everyday that scares you”

A very famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that resonates with a lot of people, myself included.

We all probably know the usual reasons why it’s important to go outside your comfort zone and do things that “scare” us, make us uncomfortable, slightly anxious, just a little bit afraid…..or crap our pants.

  • for personal growth
  • to learn
  • have a new experience
  • live richer fuller lives

All great benefits, blah blah blah.

My top reason for doing something that scares me?

To have a celebration and a pat on the back!

Yes, do scary stuff to reward yourself! Which leads me back to the cover photo, my little celebration, a glass of rose in my special Wedgewood crystal with a scented candle, for doing a few things that scared me.

So what scares Wealthy Chick? Lots, and this week it was launching my first Facebook ad and finding the right person to build my website. I know, frightening stuff, a recurring theme that my life is an award winning horror movie.

So why was I scared? That most common fear, that I didn’t know what I was doing and I would do it wrong! Plus for the website I dislike working with trades people because I fear being ripped off. Despite these fears (which are mostly in my head) I jumped in, and with a bit of research both turned out well. Yay for me, celebration time.

Now you might think my fears weren’t that big, and guess what, in hindsight I agree, but before giving it a go I was anxious, felt uncomfortable and had to really motivate myself to do either.

Fears don’t need to be Big and Hairy to be Scary!


Last but definitely not least I’ll share a story of my brave friend Donna. I asked Donna to give my bootcamp a go as I know Donna likes to exercise outdoors when the weather is good. So what is scary about that you think?

Plenty, this was the first time Donna had ever attended a bootcamp, with people she had never met before, who could all be really fit! So what got Donna over the line, well it was free, a small group and I was there (okay, I could be over emphasising my involvement!).

Donna did amazing, and it was a bloody hard bootcamp. So how did Donna celebrate? With a delicious steak sandwich, on sourdough, yep that’s a celebration!

Do the stuff that scares you. I promise you taking the first step is the hardest and you won’t regret it. And then celebrate, use the expensive candles, the fancy crystal, drink the wine and eat the steak sandwich.



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