Toothbrushes and goal setting?

Firstly my challenge to you is to do one thing, no matter how small, that will get you closer to one of your goals, today. TODAY, not later, not tomorrow or next week, TODAY, and yes I am shouting!

What is the first thing that’s pops in your head? Do that now, don’t think about it, go for it, do it right now. Look away from the blog and go do that thing! Come back to me later, go go go, run don’t walk, just do it, TODAY, NOW!

Still can’t think of anything? You might be thinking too big, buying the house, booking the trip, losing the kilo’s, going on a date, getting a new job, all great goals that can seem BIG and daunting. Break it down, way way way down. Down to one small step in the direction of achieving your goal.

Back to the toothbrush

It’s just a toothbrush right, and a home brand one at that, with hard bristles (very important), so how is this small dental tool helpful?

If I don’t have my trusty cleaning toothbrush, with the hard bristles, I won’t take the next step to cleaning the bathroom. My first step to a sparkly clean bathroom isn’t to grab my expensive motorised scrubbing brush, or the overpriced bleach gel, although both these things are helpful, it’s to grab a $1.00 home brand toothbrush that gets in to all the fiddly, annoying corners.

What’s the toothbrush step you can take towards your goal?

What is the one handy, simple and probably inexpensive thing you can do to leap closer to your goal?

BTW – bathroom clean and sparkly……okay I have guests coming, don’t judge!

Still need help?

Be inspired and grab your ticket, TODAY, to my next goal setting workshop!

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