A very short blog. Sometimes a person or a quote pops up at just the right moment, like the quote above did for me this morning.

Whenever you embark on something new, remember it’s new, you don’t know everything, and you probably won’t be perfect at anything, nada, zip, zilch, zero!

Can you feel the tension rising already, I won’t be right or perfect first go? I’ll admit this is a big problem for me, that I won’t get “it” right.

Keep going, learn (not fail) 19 times because each time you are getting better, slowly, and slow and steady is good. Slow down to learn from all 19 lessons, because when success comes it will be powerful and worth a huge celebration and I’d love an invite.

So whatever little stumble you had recently, look back, smile and be proud you had a go, you are one step closer to success.

Photo credit: Amanda Fuller – Wealthy Chick. Nelson Bay


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