Hi Wealthy Chicks

A call out for an insightful article originally published on the mydeal.com.au website, with a little bit of input from myself. Yes I am a wee bit excited!

Click HERE for the full article. Topics covered include:

Get Techy With It
It’s All In The Timing (including my bit!)
Amanda Fuller, the Money Mindset Coach at Wealthy Chicks has the perfect way to save some money before you even set off. “ Plan to travel during the low or shoulder season as prices are cheaper. I was in Miami before the Memorial Day weekend, and restaurants were offering 50% off food, so I ate twice as much, really delicious! The weather was still amazing, there was still a buzz, however food, tours and the hotel were all cheaper, Cha-Ching!” Find out more about Wealthy Chicks by following them on Facebook.

Wanderlust + Pets = A Great HolidayRiding Solo
Food, Glorious Food

Please, Sir, I Want Some More
Quench That Thirst

It’s inspired me to start booking my next trip, any travel and saving hints for Sri Lanka?

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