This is not a blog about scheduling, automating, or any other bill system, this is about changing your attitude towards bills.

I have no issue paying bills, on time every time, and here’s how I got to this happy place!

Tip 1: Be Grateful, and Proud

Okay has Wealthy Chick gone mad? Grateful for bills?

Totally sane because I like feeling good about myself and my finances:

  • Grateful I have the funds to pay my bills, and
  • Proud that I can prioritise and “adult” effectively

Lets break this down, if you have funds to pay your own bills you are doing well, even if there isn’t much left over, you are providing for you and your family, and that’s worth celebrating.

If you changed priorities, missed a social event, buy Aldi wine, yep that’s me, to make sure the bills were paid, I’m proud of you. You’re adulting and a super responsible Wealthy Chick (or Dude, thanks for joining us)

So next time you cry “I’m hopeless with bills”, do this:

  • look at your bank account, can you pay the bill?, YES
  • Celebrate, shout woo hoo, because what a privileged place to be

Note: If you honestly say No to step one contact me for some help, first session is free.

Note 2: Once you have finished celebrating, with Aldi wine, pay the bloody bill!

Tip 2: Acknowledge the Benefit Received

If you are still whinging about the cost of the bill stop and reflect on what you received.

Sometimes we take for granted what we pay for, and if we reflect on the benefit received we start to see the value. Here’s an example:

Electricity and gas:

OMG I love my hot shower or a nice relaxing bath.

All of my hair devices…….it takes a lot to get this mane looking fabulous!

I love heating in winter, so warm and snuggly.

I love cooking, for me, for friends, for my dog (yes I cook Hugo’s food, no judging!)

I love my fridge, it keeps my wine and cheese cool and fresh. Oh, and for food, of course!

I cannot live without a charged iPhone, ipad, and the laptop I am writing this on. It allows me communicate and stay connected with you, my friends and my family.

I love being entertained watching Netflix on my rather large TV and listening to my favourite music on surround sound.

I am comforted by lights that make me feel secure and stop me bumping in to things when I walk through the house, well most things, that sneaky dining table jumps out at me at least once a week!

I love a really strong, hot cuppa first thing in the morning.

I love clean sheets, they are the best.

Security, food, wine, heating, cooling, joy, entertainment, security etc is brought to me by electricity and gas, that I pay for….and when I consider how much I rely them for both my personal and business life, I happily pay on time.

You can review and acknowledge the benefit from any bill, and if after a review you don’t receive, don’t complain, discontinue the service and stop paying the bill (gym membership anyone?).

Otherwise, pay the bloody bill!

Bonus Tip: Don’t get Ripped Off!

Just because I’m adulting and grateful doesn’t mean I get ripped off. I review and compare everything to make sure I’m still receiving the best deal. Here’s how to make it fun:

Wine and Cheese

Schedule time for yourself, or you and your partner, and call it

“wine, cheese and sticking it to the bills time”

Make it fun, be kind, and laugh at yourself when you admit you overpaid on electricity for a year, oh wait that’s me, anyway…..get the best deal, and celebrate the savings.

Do something special with 20% of the savings, and save, properly save, the rest….it’s bonus money, and Wealthy Chicks save the bonus money.

In closing, go and pay a bill today, be grateful and proud of yourself, because I’m very proud of you for making it to the end of the blog, and paying your bill with a smile!



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