Money – there’s never enough?

Money – there’s never enough?

We all have money worries, with most falling in to the following three categories:

  • There’s never enough money;
  • I’m hopeless at managing money,  when I actually have any; and
  • Screw it, money is evil anyway

My current money worry was the  biggie, there is not enough. Yes even Wealthy Chicks worry about money!

Despite planning for a drop in income as I build my business my emotional reaction was unexpected, and horrible. I felt anxious, concerned, worried, stressed and thought about money constantly.

“I’ll never earn enough again!” 

How did I get here?

Like a lot of us I grew up hearing that we didn’t have anough money, “money doesn’t grow on tree’s”, and to spend money on one thing you must give up something else.

You grow up and continue to hear stories on the news, from family and friends about people with money worries, spiralling debt, never being able to afford to buy a home.

No wonder we continue to believe that there isn’t enough money.

bill shock

Then you get a large unexpected bill or two that reinforces that belief. For me it was a vet bill and an invoice for a range hood, a decision I consciously made to protect new paint. Were the funds available? Yes. Was it in my planned budget? Nooo, therefore “THERE’S NOT ENOUGH’!

The irony of this belief is when you do have success you feel guilty because someone else must have gone without. I am regularly in this space, swinging from feeling guilty because I have too much, to worrying because there can’t possibly be enough. You may even self sabotage your success to go back where you belong, where there’s not enough money.

How do you deal with this worry?

Acknowledge it – give it a voice, say it out loud, share with a friend or write it down. Please don’t do what I did and allow it to fester, building momentum and making me feel worse.

Simply writing this blog released worry and believe me suppressing the worry doesn’t help it go away.

Do you really know what you are worried about? So many people say “I need more money”, yet they don’t actually know how much they really need, right now.

Do your numbers and be specific about how much you need right now. If you need  a budget contact me and I will send you a template. Once you determine how much you need right now, do you already have that much or is there a shortfall?

As humans we tend to exaggerate our worries, so being specific helps determine if your worry is:

  1. Valid
  2. Accurate in the size of the problem.

5 cent piece

If you don’t know how much you really need how are you going to fix it? Someone can give you more money, here’s 5 cents….now don’t complain, you said “I need more money”

Another risk in being vague is you tend to make emotional and/ or knee jerk decisions.

I needed to drop the rent on a property and I had a glorious rant about how this sucked, was financially disastrous and I decided to sell the property, STAT.

I got all worked up, totally convinced I’d be broke , and then I went back to my budget, updated the numbers and it still works.

Damn the numbers, my spectatular tirade was over, because the specifics stopped the worry.

Do Something – look at one, just one thing you are worried about and find a way to reduce that single worry. For example, I will feel more optimistic if I had 2 more paying clients.

Instead of constantly worrying about money the focus shifts to the actions. Try it, what’s the one thing you could do to reduce one money worry, then focus on that.

i am enough


There is enough and you are enough (my struggle) If, like me, this is your struggle, that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, anything enough, here’s our new mantra:

  • I am enough
  • I am doing enough
  • I am doing exactly what I need to be doing

Smile, believe, repeat, because money cannot stop you feeling unworthy and you will continue in the struggle between worrying there isn’t enough and feeling guilty when you do fleetingly have enough.

If you still struggle with your money worries lets talk, the first coaching session is on me. You can contact me via email





Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding on the 20th. Julie Andrews

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding on the 20th. Julie Andrews

A very short blog. Sometimes a person or a quote pops up at just the right moment, like the quote above did for me this morning.

Whenever you embark on something new, remember it’s new, you don’t know everything, and you probably won’t be perfect at anything, nada, zip, zilch, zero!

Can you feel the tension rising already, I won’t be right or perfect first go? I’ll admit this is a big problem for me, that I won’t get “it” right.

Keep going, learn (not fail) 19 times because each time you are getting better, slowly, and slow and steady is good. Slow down to learn from all 19 lessons, because when success comes it will be powerful and worth a huge celebration and I’d love an invite.

So whatever little stumble you had recently, look back, smile and be proud you had a go, you are one step closer to success.

Photo credit: Amanda Fuller – Wealthy Chick. Nelson Bay


Do one thing today that will get you closer to your goal

Do one thing today that will get you closer to your goal

Toothbrushes and goal setting?

Firstly my challenge to you is to do one thing, no matter how small, that will get you closer to one of your goals, today. TODAY, not later, not tomorrow or next week, TODAY, and yes I am shouting!

What is the first thing that’s pops in your head? Do that now, don’t think about it, go for it, do it right now. Look away from the blog and go do that thing! Come back to me later, go go go, run don’t walk, just do it, TODAY, NOW!

Still can’t think of anything? You might be thinking too big, buying the house, booking the trip, losing the kilo’s, going on a date, getting a new job, all great goals that can seem BIG and daunting. Break it down, way way way down. Down to one small step in the direction of achieving your goal.

Back to the toothbrush

It’s just a toothbrush right, and a home brand one at that, with hard bristles (very important), so how is this small dental tool helpful?

If I don’t have my trusty cleaning toothbrush, with the hard bristles, I won’t take the next step to cleaning the bathroom. My first step to a sparkly clean bathroom isn’t to grab my expensive motorised scrubbing brush, or the overpriced bleach gel, although both these things are helpful, it’s to grab a $1.00 home brand toothbrush that gets in to all the fiddly, annoying corners.

What’s the toothbrush step you can take towards your goal?

What is the one handy, simple and probably inexpensive thing you can do to leap closer to your goal?

BTW – bathroom clean and sparkly……okay I have guests coming, don’t judge!

Still need help?

Be inspired and grab your ticket, TODAY, to my next goal setting workshop!

Get all the info and your tickets here

Because you are a friend of wealthy Chicks the code toothbrush has been applied so you receive a 20% discount.

Extra Cash – Christmas casual roadtest

Extra Cash – Christmas casual roadtest

I will use this road-test to work through overcoming the reasons for stagnating, as discussed in the previous blog:

  • Don’t look or blind to opportunities
  • Still do nothing
  • Amazing excuses
  • Loving your story!

Opportunity Once I decided to road test Christmas casual work an ad for positions appeared in a feed that day, how quick was that! It gets better, it was at Myer in the next suburb! How does this happen, luck or science? Let’s focus on the science.

Our brains see an abundance of images and information, too much, so to avoid overload the brain filters out tons of unnecessary information based on where our focus is. I decided to land a casual job and the brain adjusted it’s filter to present opportunities that met my focus. Amazing machine that brain.


Do something In this instance I jumped in and applied immediately. I didn’t:

  • ignore it;
  • come back to it later; or
  • overthink it and scare myself off.

I tweaked my resume to highlight my customer focus and the benefits my unique skills would bring to Myer, and I pressed submit.

No Excuses I took action so quickly that I didn’t allow the excuses to creep in. Woo hoo, well not so quick with the praise, in the days between application and interview request, I came up with tons:

  • I have no retail experience
  • I’m too old
  • I’m overqualified
  • I applied too late
  • I’m too good for this (nasty ego crept in)
  • I haven’t shopped at Myer lately
  • I can’t be on my feet all day
  • My dog is used to me working from home, he’ll get lonely!

There were more but you get the point, if you allow yourself enough time you think of so many excuses that you lose confidence, and revert back to doing nothing.


The Story In this instance I was too quick to develop a story, although looking at the excuses I can easily come up with a compelling monologue. It would go like this:

” No-one, especially not Myer, is going to hire me, I’m too old, hopelessly inexperienced, have no idea what I’m doing, and anyway I’m too good for this job, so there!”

Sound familiar? Yeah, and it was remarkably easy to fall back to and believe that story! Luckily I applied before I got to this stage, because as it turns out, that story, as captivating as it is, was FAKE NEWS!

I was successful and the next thing you know I’m working at my local Myer.

As an option for extra cash, it worked for me, although it may not be for everyone. If you physically cannot be on your feet for long periods of time, then look for another opportunity, my feet may never forgive me!

The downside,other than sore feet? Working long days, into the night, including Christmas eve and most public holidays except Christmas, guess that’s why it’s called Christmas casuals! Did I get jealous of holidaying friends, hell yeah, but then I would remind myself that I chose to pursue this opportunity, and focus on the benefits.

The upside, and there were plenty:

  • consistent income for 2 months
  • generous staff discount
  • inside know on the sales
  • working with a great bunch of retail professionals
  • flexible hours which allowed me to remain focused on my business
  • and naysayers be damned, I had great customers

My stint at Myer may have ended, but what about this road-testing gig? It was so valuable that it will continue as an integral part of being a Wealthy Chick coach.

Most important learning? Stop overthinking, back yourself and continue to do the stuff that’s scary, because I am extremely capable. Confidence is like a muscle, and stepping out of my comfort zone strengthen that muscle.

If this series has inspired you to take even the smallest step towards an opportunity I’d love for you to write a comment, or message me privately on the Wealthy Chicks facebook page.

If you need help to stop stagnating and pursue opportunities you can also message me, or go to my website and sign up for a coaching package. I’d love to help you with your wealthy chick dream.







Extra Cash Part 2 – Selling on eBay

Extra Cash Part 2 – Selling on eBay

As I mentioned last week, I had never sold on eBay, although for years I had every intention of selling a beautiful, but heavy, handbag and never got around to it.

Why was I reluctant to sell on eBay?

I had a think about why I had avoided selling on eBay, and reached out to friends for their thoughts and experiences. Here’s our top concerns about selling on eBay:

  • Time consuming
  • A hassle
  • Not worth it financially
  • Items don’t sell, or sell too low

WHAT FUN, all the words you don’t want to hear as you embark on something new. Now I remember why I hadn’t bothered with eBay, it sounded too hard.

What’s a wealthy chick to do? There are more than a million sellers on eBay, are they all having a bad experience? Surely not, so I decided to make this work.

eBay – “ We can do this, yes we can” (sing to Bob the Builder theme, just because)

Spoiler alert – I found selling on eBay easy and definitely worth it financially as compared to the time invested. Like AirBNB,  the eBay site is easy to use and provides intuitive assistance.

First – what to sell?

I focused on quality clothes and handbags, although what you sell is unique to you. Why clothes and handbags? As a female, and it pains me to admit, I had too many of both!

I reviewed my wardrobe and if I hadn’t worn an item in 2 years it went on eBay or to a charity bin. In the end, more items went to charity than eBay, which is a nice bonus.


The items I sold on eBay were in excellent condition, from well known brands, and still fashionable.

Second – How to sell?

First you need to register as a seller on eBay, which was simple, especially if you already have Paypal. My advice, get a Paypal account, it’s useful on so many platforms

I decided to auction my items with a low reserve rather than listing a set price. This decision was based on the fact I purchased the items with the intention of wearing them, so any sale above $1 was a profit.

To avoid disappointment and stress, treat this as a financial transaction and limit your expectations of the final price. For those who complain that items sell for less than they are worth, let it go! The item is worth nil in the wardrobe, plus eBay is one of the largest markets in the world, and the market decides the value, not the seller.

Third – Comprehensive ad

My first step is to quickly review ads for items that are the same/similar, solely for tips.

Take lots of photos, front, back, label, packaging (if any), and write a detailed description. Pretend you are the buyer, what would you want to know? Mention the material, length, height, width, size, brand etc. The photos and detailed description help with both the sale and to minimise queries.

I listed 14 items and I only had 1 query, asking if the item was genuine, which is a reasonable query and I was not offended. This feedback is what led me to post photos of labels and packaging, plus a reason why the item had not been used.

Queries are great, it means someone is interested and your positive response may lead to a bid, plus you can use the feedback to improve the ad.

By the third item I could take photos, write and post the ad in less than 5 minutes, easy.

Four – Post the ad

I post ads for a week, and this is VERY IMPORTANT,

NO LOOKING until you receive an email from eBay with the results


By following this tip you avoid a truckload of angst, wondering:

  • has anyone viewed the item
  • will anyone bid
  • does everyone hate my stuff
  • do I have bad taste
  • why are the bids so low!

Get over it, most of the action happens on the last day so let go of your curiosity, reduce your stress and let eBay do its work.

At the end of the auction period eBay advises if the item has sold, or not.If the item hasn’t sold it will relist, for free. If it never sells, so be it, it hasn’t cost you anything.

Five – send the item & get paid

It’s that simple and payment happens within 21 days, quicker as you build a profile.

Thanks to a “can do” attitude, and a rough plan, I sold 13 items for a very healthy profit. It wasn’t hard, and I am now an eBay convert for both selling and buying.

If you like what you’ve read and would like targeted coaching on becoming a wealthy chick (or dude), visit my new website (its in the final stages of construction) and sign up for a coaching package. I’d love to help you understand and remove the barriers holding you back from being happy, healthy and wealthy.

Need extra cash? Let’s test out………AirBNB

Need extra cash? Let’s test out………AirBNB

Late last year I was writing an article on how to earn extra money for Christmas, and while I’d researched great opportunities I realised that I had never tried the top 3 myself!

To rectify this problem, and ensure integrity in my writing and coaching, I spent the last 2 months road-testing:

  • Selling on eBay;
  • Working as a Christmas casual: and the topic for this blog
  • Hosting on AirBNB

Although AirBNB may not suit, or be possible for everyone, I found it to be an easy and rewarding income stream. I will caveat this by saying I only hosted for a short period of time and my guests were wonderful, so hosting felt effortless.

What did I host on AirBNB?

I hosted a bedroom, with its own bathroom, in my home. The features I advertised were:

  • large bedroom and large bathroom with a bath
  • close to train station with direct line to CBD
  • free street parking (in Sydney, rare!)
  • sunny deck
  • free WIFI, plus TV in room
  • me, because I’m awesome, and my cute Pug dog Hugo, more about him later!

Day 1 – my listing goes up and I had my first booking that night, so great, and ahhhh, SCARY. Gulp, real people will be staying with me, and I’ll be the host! Cue:


Fast forward and I had more bookings, most for 2 nights each, plus a lovely couple who booked 9 nights when they moved from Brisbane. Everything went smoothly, no Fawlty Tower moments, and AirBNB paid promptly.

The Pro’s

  • Additional income, I averaged $50 a night for very little effort
  • The AirBNB site is easy to use and offers plemtymof assistance
  • You decide on the guests, Its a trust system with both host and visitor ratings
  • Nil upfront costs and you only pay a small fee, deducted from your host income
  • You meet some really great people
  • My house has never been cleaner! Plus, you can charge a cleaning fee, so I finally get paid for cleaning my house, winner!
  • Gifts from guests. I do worry that one gift was a book on meditation, I mean how did they realise so quickly that I need to calm my mind more often?

The Con’s

  • People you have never met before are staying in your property, although if you look at this as an opportunity to meet new people, then you won’t find this an issue.
  • If you cannot be home when the guests arrive you need to make arrangements for access. I sourced a PIN coded key box, which met my need for security and the guests need for accessibility.
  • Additional cleaning, including washing sheets and towels after each guest leaves.
  • Guests provide feedback, and some may not be positive! My only constructive feedback was from my first guest who didn’t think the ad was clear about my dog. OMG feedback on my beloved!! Initially I got a bit upset as my ad stated I had a dog and I included a photo, plus you complained about my FURBABY!! Once I calmed down I took it on board and contacted all my other guests to be very clear that I had a friendly, inside pug dog and understood if they wished to book elsewhere. Simple!


  • Have a positive attitude, including when guests take the time to provide feedback
  • Be welcoming to your paying guests
  • Check with your landlord, or if in an apartment, your strata
  • Check insurance
  • Provide a guest information sheet
  • Ignore the AirBNB horror stories, I’ve used AirBNB overseas and, like me, most guests are clean, courteous and respectful.


Hosting on AirBNB was a positive experience, and with an average rating of 4.8/5 it seems my guests agreed, making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

If you have a spare room/apartment and would welcome guests in to your home, give AirBNB a go.

So what did I do with my extra cash? Thanks to AirBNB and the other idea’s I road-tested I was able to book my next holiday, To Cuba baby, best road-test ever!

In the next blog, I will briefly discuss selling items on eBay for extra cash, and then you’ll hear about my experiences as a Christmas casual.


Sur-THRIVE-ing Christmas

Sur-THRIVE-ing Christmas

My Top 3 Tips to sur-THRIVE-ing Christmas

This is not the first tip, just an option for those who think ignoring an issue makes it go away. For the next month stay in bed, pull the covers over your head, put your fingers in your ears, and chant “I’m not Christmasing, I’m not Christmasing”.

For the rest of us, throw those covers off, jump out of bed and thrive this Christmas! Too much, I get you, how about making Christmas less excruciating painful? Okay, new blog title:

Top 3 Tips to avoid an Excruciatingly Painful Christmas

Disclaimer, despite being a wealthy chicks blog, none of the tips are finance related. This is not to say that finances don’t make people anxious at Christmas, but Christmas is a minefield of emotions, loneliness, family pushing your buttons, and not meeting (unreasonable?) expectations.

Tip 1: Manage Your Triggers

Knowing and managing your personal triggers is important because Christmas is rife with so many incidents, big and small, that can easily set us off. The ensuing fallout can range from minor, we offend strangers, to the major where we cause long term damage to our most important relationships.

Triggers range from the long queues, family members who really know how to push our buttons, shoppers who should not be in control of a trolley, no parking, not knowing what to buy anyone, not a single person, tell me:

what the hell does everyone want for Christmas!!!!!!


See, I mean where did that come from? It can happen to even the very patient, you’ve seen it, Aunty Jan is the 6th relative in 5 minutes to ask if you FINALLY have a boyfriend! Explosive freak out ensues; you cry and Aunty Jan storms off in anger. So how do you manage this?

Repeat after me, in a calm and confident voice (in your head, not shouted at Aunty Jan):

This does not trigger me

For me these words are instantly calming and give me back my power. It’s my decision not to let:

  • Aunty Jan’s questions about my continuing lack of a boyfriend upset me;
  • the long queue at the counter test my patience; or
  • the person who parks their mini across two bays turn me in to a screaming banshee.

Note: I believe karma exists and the mini parking hogger will jump out of bed on Christmas morning, in bare feet, landing on a Lego covered timber floor.


Tip 2: Speak Up – Share – Ask for help

I know what you are thinking, I have cheated and combined 3 tips in to 1. Not true, this will all come together, hopefully, and anyway your critique does not trigger me!

This tip is about being open, honest and the hard part, admitting that we are vulnerable. If Tip 1 hasn’t worked and you have any sort of stress or struggle open up and talk to someone. This could be with a family member, friend, co-worker, counsellor or the amazing people who work on crisis lines. No matter who you choose, a problem openly discussed is the first step to solving a problem.

Have you noticed that when you share a problem these are the benefits:

  • the problem immediately feels a bit smaller and not as overwhelming. Sometimes the hardest part of the problem is just saying it out loud;
  • the other person gets it, they understand, and you don’t feel so silly;
  • they themselves felt that way, or know someone else who did, so you don’t feel alone; and
  • they help you come up with solutions

Do not use the excuse that people are too busy at Christmas as a reason for bottling things up. I think the next tip might help you overcome that negative thinking.

Tip 3: Give Back


There are countless ways to be generous at Christmas and it is scientifically proven that when we give to others we also benefit by improving our self-esteem and lowering stress, bonus! Here’s a few options for giving back this Christmas:

  • Genuinely ask how someone is, listen, and provide a supportive environment for those who need help. Being there for someone is the most powerful act of giving you can provide
  • Donate gifts or food to charity
  • Donate your time to wrap presents
  • Help out at a charity lunch, an example is the Salvo’s Christmas Day lunch
  • Host an “Orphans” Christmas lunch for your friends who are away from home
  • If you are at home, help your Mum!

In closing you can control your Christmas experience, repeat after me:

  • “This does not trigger me”
  • “I will speak to someone if I get anxious or stressed”
  • “I am giving and worth giving to”

For those who do need help with their Christmas finances I’ll be launching my Christmas specials soon.