Do one thing today that will get you closer to your goal

Do one thing today that will get you closer to your goal

Toothbrushes and goal setting?

Firstly my challenge to you is to do one thing, no matter how small, that will get you closer to one of your goals, today. TODAY, not later, not tomorrow or next week, TODAY, and yes I am shouting!

What is the first thing that’s pops in your head? Do that now, don’t think about it, go for it, do it right now. Look away from the blog and go do that thing! Come back to me later, go go go, run don’t walk, just do it, TODAY, NOW!

Still can’t think of anything? You might be thinking too big, buying the house, booking the trip, losing the kilo’s, going on a date, getting a new job, all great goals that can seem BIG and daunting. Break it down, way way way down. Down to one small step in the direction of achieving your goal.

Back to the toothbrush

It’s just a toothbrush right, and a home brand one at that, with hard bristles (very important), so how is this small dental tool helpful?

If I don’t have my trusty cleaning toothbrush, with the hard bristles, I won’t take the next step to cleaning the bathroom. My first step to a sparkly clean bathroom isn’t to grab my expensive motorised scrubbing brush, or the overpriced bleach gel, although both these things are helpful, it’s to grab a $1.00 home brand toothbrush that gets in to all the fiddly, annoying corners.

What’s the toothbrush step you can take towards your goal?

What is the one handy, simple and probably inexpensive thing you can do to leap closer to your goal?

BTW – bathroom clean and sparkly……okay I have guests coming, don’t judge!

Still need help?

Be inspired and grab your ticket, TODAY, to my next goal setting workshop!

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Because you are a friend of wealthy Chicks the code toothbrush has been applied so you receive a 20% discount.

Extra Cash – Christmas casual roadtest

Extra Cash – Christmas casual roadtest

I will use this road-test to work through overcoming the reasons for stagnating, as discussed in the previous blog:

  • Don’t look or blind to opportunities
  • Still do nothing
  • Amazing excuses
  • Loving your story!

Opportunity Once I decided to road test Christmas casual work an ad for positions appeared in a feed that day, how quick was that! It gets better, it was at Myer in the next suburb! How does this happen, luck or science? Let’s focus on the science.

Our brains see an abundance of images and information, too much, so to avoid overload the brain filters out tons of unnecessary information based on where our focus is. I decided to land a casual job and the brain adjusted it’s filter to present opportunities that met my focus. Amazing machine that brain.


Do something In this instance I jumped in and applied immediately. I didn’t:

  • ignore it;
  • come back to it later; or
  • overthink it and scare myself off.

I tweaked my resume to highlight my customer focus and the benefits my unique skills would bring to Myer, and I pressed submit.

No Excuses I took action so quickly that I didn’t allow the excuses to creep in. Woo hoo, well not so quick with the praise, in the days between application and interview request, I came up with tons:

  • I have no retail experience
  • I’m too old
  • I’m overqualified
  • I applied too late
  • I’m too good for this (nasty ego crept in)
  • I haven’t shopped at Myer lately
  • I can’t be on my feet all day
  • My dog is used to me working from home, he’ll get lonely!

There were more but you get the point, if you allow yourself enough time you think of so many excuses that you lose confidence, and revert back to doing nothing.


The Story In this instance I was too quick to develop a story, although looking at the excuses I can easily come up with a compelling monologue. It would go like this:

” No-one, especially not Myer, is going to hire me, I’m too old, hopelessly inexperienced, have no idea what I’m doing, and anyway I’m too good for this job, so there!”

Sound familiar? Yeah, and it was remarkably easy to fall back to and believe that story! Luckily I applied before I got to this stage, because as it turns out, that story, as captivating as it is, was FAKE NEWS!

I was successful and the next thing you know I’m working at my local Myer.

As an option for extra cash, it worked for me, although it may not be for everyone. If you physically cannot be on your feet for long periods of time, then look for another opportunity, my feet may never forgive me!

The downside,other than sore feet? Working long days, into the night, including Christmas eve and most public holidays except Christmas, guess that’s why it’s called Christmas casuals! Did I get jealous of holidaying friends, hell yeah, but then I would remind myself that I chose to pursue this opportunity, and focus on the benefits.

The upside, and there were plenty:

  • consistent income for 2 months
  • generous staff discount
  • inside know on the sales
  • working with a great bunch of retail professionals
  • flexible hours which allowed me to remain focused on my business
  • and naysayers be damned, I had great customers

My stint at Myer may have ended, but what about this road-testing gig? It was so valuable that it will continue as an integral part of being a Wealthy Chick coach.

Most important learning? Stop overthinking, back yourself and continue to do the stuff that’s scary, because I am extremely capable. Confidence is like a muscle, and stepping out of my comfort zone strengthen that muscle.

If this series has inspired you to take even the smallest step towards an opportunity I’d love for you to write a comment, or message me privately on the Wealthy Chicks facebook page.

If you need help to stop stagnating and pursue opportunities you can also message me, or go to my website and sign up for a coaching package. I’d love to help you with your wealthy chick dream.







Extra Cash – The Finale! Christmas Casual Work (Part 1)

Extra Cash – The Finale! Christmas Casual Work (Part 1)

It may seem redundant to blog about Christmas casual work in February, but stay with me because the message remains relevant.

Let’s go back to the beginning, why did I do all this? eBay, AirBNB, getting really sore feet working as a Christmas casual? Was it for:

Cash jackpot!!! – not really, although it was great to earn extra money

Glory – glory,  glory, hallelujah. Not my aim, but I did myself proud.

or Wealthy Chick went crazy – excellent guess, but it’s sort of my natural state.

The real reason I was motivated to do this was a growing concern that although a lot of people I meet say they want more wealth, they don’t do anything! Let’s look at some of the reasons why this might happen:


Don’t look/ Cannot see the opportunities – there a lots of opportunities to any problem, but sometimes we get so stuck we don’t look, or we have a bit of a peek and if we can’t see an opportunity immediately we give up. This may be the time to stop thinking so hard, or ask for help. You know those times when the first person you approach comes up with a simple solution, the one staring you in the face, the WHOLE FREAKING TIME. So you call them a smarty pants bitch, because they are! Yet, drum roll to my next point……

Still don’t do anything! Nothing, nada, what the! I suffer from this, I frustrate myself, it’s not logical, I do nothing. Fear creeps in, mostly unfounded, and to make it worse, the longer I put it off the harder it becomes to take action. This leads to my next point….

Amazing Excuses –some may call them reasons. Yes, some options will not be possible, but when you workshop a list of opportunities and the “reasons” why every option won’t work are getting very creative/ petty, they are excuses. A go to excuse for me is ” I will do it wrong”, and yet I insist I’m not a perfectionist, mm we’ll leave that alone. Which brings me to my next reason, and some tough love is in store…


Love their story – I’m not saying anyone likes being an  Un-Wealthy Chick, but at times we sure as shit love talking about it, passionately, over and over again. This is not to be confused with asking for helping and some background information is important. This is when you repeat your “woe is me, it’s harder for me” story, vocally and in your head, so often that the story sticks and becomes a part of you. You’re convinced what you earn is all you can earn, there are no opportunities, and if an opportunity sneaks up and slaps you in the face it will be so far removed from your reality that it’s impossible…and it will be, for you.

So how do you overcome the fear, the crappy excuses, and the overwhelming urge to stay in your horrible, but comfortable, story? Warning, you might not like the answer.

Dive in, take one step. This is me skydiving, initially I was very scared, and the little step out of the plane seemed impossible, but it quickly turned to excitement, yes that is a very happy face! Location: Queenstown, New Zealand.


Just like skydiving, at first everything in this series felt uncomfortable but it was momentary. I didn’t get hurt, I didn’t get much wrong, I achieved additional income and more importantly, pride in myself and my capabilities. I am reminded of a quote from the fabulous Winnie the Pooh:

“Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”  Good advice from a bear.

As this blog has so much information I created a two-part mini series, with the last episode  based on my Christmas casual experience, coming later today. I promise it ties everything together.

Extra Cash Part 2 – Selling on eBay

Extra Cash Part 2 – Selling on eBay

As I mentioned last week, I had never sold on eBay, although for years I had every intention of selling a beautiful, but heavy, handbag and never got around to it.

Why was I reluctant to sell on eBay?

I had a think about why I had avoided selling on eBay, and reached out to friends for their thoughts and experiences. Here’s our top concerns about selling on eBay:

  • Time consuming
  • A hassle
  • Not worth it financially
  • Items don’t sell, or sell too low

WHAT FUN, all the words you don’t want to hear as you embark on something new. Now I remember why I hadn’t bothered with eBay, it sounded too hard.

What’s a wealthy chick to do? There are more than a million sellers on eBay, are they all having a bad experience? Surely not, so I decided to make this work.

eBay – “ We can do this, yes we can” (sing to Bob the Builder theme, just because)

Spoiler alert – I found selling on eBay easy and definitely worth it financially as compared to the time invested. Like AirBNB,  the eBay site is easy to use and provides intuitive assistance.

First – what to sell?

I focused on quality clothes and handbags, although what you sell is unique to you. Why clothes and handbags? As a female, and it pains me to admit, I had too many of both!

I reviewed my wardrobe and if I hadn’t worn an item in 2 years it went on eBay or to a charity bin. In the end, more items went to charity than eBay, which is a nice bonus.


The items I sold on eBay were in excellent condition, from well known brands, and still fashionable.

Second – How to sell?

First you need to register as a seller on eBay, which was simple, especially if you already have Paypal. My advice, get a Paypal account, it’s useful on so many platforms

I decided to auction my items with a low reserve rather than listing a set price. This decision was based on the fact I purchased the items with the intention of wearing them, so any sale above $1 was a profit.

To avoid disappointment and stress, treat this as a financial transaction and limit your expectations of the final price. For those who complain that items sell for less than they are worth, let it go! The item is worth nil in the wardrobe, plus eBay is one of the largest markets in the world, and the market decides the value, not the seller.

Third – Comprehensive ad

My first step is to quickly review ads for items that are the same/similar, solely for tips.

Take lots of photos, front, back, label, packaging (if any), and write a detailed description. Pretend you are the buyer, what would you want to know? Mention the material, length, height, width, size, brand etc. The photos and detailed description help with both the sale and to minimise queries.

I listed 14 items and I only had 1 query, asking if the item was genuine, which is a reasonable query and I was not offended. This feedback is what led me to post photos of labels and packaging, plus a reason why the item had not been used.

Queries are great, it means someone is interested and your positive response may lead to a bid, plus you can use the feedback to improve the ad.

By the third item I could take photos, write and post the ad in less than 5 minutes, easy.

Four – Post the ad

I post ads for a week, and this is VERY IMPORTANT,

NO LOOKING until you receive an email from eBay with the results


By following this tip you avoid a truckload of angst, wondering:

  • has anyone viewed the item
  • will anyone bid
  • does everyone hate my stuff
  • do I have bad taste
  • why are the bids so low!

Get over it, most of the action happens on the last day so let go of your curiosity, reduce your stress and let eBay do its work.

At the end of the auction period eBay advises if the item has sold, or not.If the item hasn’t sold it will relist, for free. If it never sells, so be it, it hasn’t cost you anything.

Five – send the item & get paid

It’s that simple and payment happens within 21 days, quicker as you build a profile.

Thanks to a “can do” attitude, and a rough plan, I sold 13 items for a very healthy profit. It wasn’t hard, and I am now an eBay convert for both selling and buying.

If you like what you’ve read and would like targeted coaching on becoming a wealthy chick (or dude), visit my new website (its in the final stages of construction) and sign up for a coaching package. I’d love to help you understand and remove the barriers holding you back from being happy, healthy and wealthy.

Need extra cash? Let’s test out………AirBNB

Need extra cash? Let’s test out………AirBNB

Late last year I was writing an article on how to earn extra money for Christmas, and while I’d researched great opportunities I realised that I had never tried the top 3 myself!

To rectify this problem, and ensure integrity in my writing and coaching, I spent the last 2 months road-testing:

  • Selling on eBay;
  • Working as a Christmas casual: and the topic for this blog
  • Hosting on AirBNB

Although AirBNB may not suit, or be possible for everyone, I found it to be an easy and rewarding income stream. I will caveat this by saying I only hosted for a short period of time and my guests were wonderful, so hosting felt effortless.

What did I host on AirBNB?

I hosted a bedroom, with its own bathroom, in my home. The features I advertised were:

  • large bedroom and large bathroom with a bath
  • close to train station with direct line to CBD
  • free street parking (in Sydney, rare!)
  • sunny deck
  • free WIFI, plus TV in room
  • me, because I’m awesome, and my cute Pug dog Hugo, more about him later!

Day 1 – my listing goes up and I had my first booking that night, so great, and ahhhh, SCARY. Gulp, real people will be staying with me, and I’ll be the host! Cue:


Fast forward and I had more bookings, most for 2 nights each, plus a lovely couple who booked 9 nights when they moved from Brisbane. Everything went smoothly, no Fawlty Tower moments, and AirBNB paid promptly.

The Pro’s

  • Additional income, I averaged $50 a night for very little effort
  • The AirBNB site is easy to use and offers plemtymof assistance
  • You decide on the guests, Its a trust system with both host and visitor ratings
  • Nil upfront costs and you only pay a small fee, deducted from your host income
  • You meet some really great people
  • My house has never been cleaner! Plus, you can charge a cleaning fee, so I finally get paid for cleaning my house, winner!
  • Gifts from guests. I do worry that one gift was a book on meditation, I mean how did they realise so quickly that I need to calm my mind more often?

The Con’s

  • People you have never met before are staying in your property, although if you look at this as an opportunity to meet new people, then you won’t find this an issue.
  • If you cannot be home when the guests arrive you need to make arrangements for access. I sourced a PIN coded key box, which met my need for security and the guests need for accessibility.
  • Additional cleaning, including washing sheets and towels after each guest leaves.
  • Guests provide feedback, and some may not be positive! My only constructive feedback was from my first guest who didn’t think the ad was clear about my dog. OMG feedback on my beloved!! Initially I got a bit upset as my ad stated I had a dog and I included a photo, plus you complained about my FURBABY!! Once I calmed down I took it on board and contacted all my other guests to be very clear that I had a friendly, inside pug dog and understood if they wished to book elsewhere. Simple!


  • Have a positive attitude, including when guests take the time to provide feedback
  • Be welcoming to your paying guests
  • Check with your landlord, or if in an apartment, your strata
  • Check insurance
  • Provide a guest information sheet
  • Ignore the AirBNB horror stories, I’ve used AirBNB overseas and, like me, most guests are clean, courteous and respectful.


Hosting on AirBNB was a positive experience, and with an average rating of 4.8/5 it seems my guests agreed, making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

If you have a spare room/apartment and would welcome guests in to your home, give AirBNB a go.

So what did I do with my extra cash? Thanks to AirBNB and the other idea’s I road-tested I was able to book my next holiday, To Cuba baby, best road-test ever!

In the next blog, I will briefly discuss selling items on eBay for extra cash, and then you’ll hear about my experiences as a Christmas casual.


Sur-THRIVE-ing Christmas

Sur-THRIVE-ing Christmas

My Top 3 Tips to sur-THRIVE-ing Christmas

This is not the first tip, just an option for those who think ignoring an issue makes it go away. For the next month stay in bed, pull the covers over your head, put your fingers in your ears, and chant “I’m not Christmasing, I’m not Christmasing”.

For the rest of us, throw those covers off, jump out of bed and thrive this Christmas! Too much, I get you, how about making Christmas less excruciating painful? Okay, new blog title:

Top 3 Tips to avoid an Excruciatingly Painful Christmas

Disclaimer, despite being a wealthy chicks blog, none of the tips are finance related. This is not to say that finances don’t make people anxious at Christmas, but Christmas is a minefield of emotions, loneliness, family pushing your buttons, and not meeting (unreasonable?) expectations.

Tip 1: Manage Your Triggers

Knowing and managing your personal triggers is important because Christmas is rife with so many incidents, big and small, that can easily set us off. The ensuing fallout can range from minor, we offend strangers, to the major where we cause long term damage to our most important relationships.

Triggers range from the long queues, family members who really know how to push our buttons, shoppers who should not be in control of a trolley, no parking, not knowing what to buy anyone, not a single person, tell me:

what the hell does everyone want for Christmas!!!!!!


See, I mean where did that come from? It can happen to even the very patient, you’ve seen it, Aunty Jan is the 6th relative in 5 minutes to ask if you FINALLY have a boyfriend! Explosive freak out ensues; you cry and Aunty Jan storms off in anger. So how do you manage this?

Repeat after me, in a calm and confident voice (in your head, not shouted at Aunty Jan):

This does not trigger me

For me these words are instantly calming and give me back my power. It’s my decision not to let:

  • Aunty Jan’s questions about my continuing lack of a boyfriend upset me;
  • the long queue at the counter test my patience; or
  • the person who parks their mini across two bays turn me in to a screaming banshee.

Note: I believe karma exists and the mini parking hogger will jump out of bed on Christmas morning, in bare feet, landing on a Lego covered timber floor.


Tip 2: Speak Up – Share – Ask for help

I know what you are thinking, I have cheated and combined 3 tips in to 1. Not true, this will all come together, hopefully, and anyway your critique does not trigger me!

This tip is about being open, honest and the hard part, admitting that we are vulnerable. If Tip 1 hasn’t worked and you have any sort of stress or struggle open up and talk to someone. This could be with a family member, friend, co-worker, counsellor or the amazing people who work on crisis lines. No matter who you choose, a problem openly discussed is the first step to solving a problem.

Have you noticed that when you share a problem these are the benefits:

  • the problem immediately feels a bit smaller and not as overwhelming. Sometimes the hardest part of the problem is just saying it out loud;
  • the other person gets it, they understand, and you don’t feel so silly;
  • they themselves felt that way, or know someone else who did, so you don’t feel alone; and
  • they help you come up with solutions

Do not use the excuse that people are too busy at Christmas as a reason for bottling things up. I think the next tip might help you overcome that negative thinking.

Tip 3: Give Back


There are countless ways to be generous at Christmas and it is scientifically proven that when we give to others we also benefit by improving our self-esteem and lowering stress, bonus! Here’s a few options for giving back this Christmas:

  • Genuinely ask how someone is, listen, and provide a supportive environment for those who need help. Being there for someone is the most powerful act of giving you can provide
  • Donate gifts or food to charity
  • Donate your time to wrap presents
  • Help out at a charity lunch, an example is the Salvo’s Christmas Day lunch
  • Host an “Orphans” Christmas lunch for your friends who are away from home
  • If you are at home, help your Mum!

In closing you can control your Christmas experience, repeat after me:

  • “This does not trigger me”
  • “I will speak to someone if I get anxious or stressed”
  • “I am giving and worth giving to”

For those who do need help with their Christmas finances I’ll be launching my Christmas specials soon.

My Top Reason for Doing Things that Scare me

My Top Reason for Doing Things that Scare me

“Do one thing everyday that scares you”

A very famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that resonates with a lot of people, myself included.

We all probably know the usual reasons why it’s important to go outside your comfort zone and do things that “scare” us, make us uncomfortable, slightly anxious, just a little bit afraid…..or crap our pants.

  • for personal growth
  • to learn
  • have a new experience
  • live richer fuller lives

All great benefits, blah blah blah.

My top reason for doing something that scares me?

To have a celebration and a pat on the back!

Yes, do scary stuff to reward yourself! Which leads me back to the cover photo, my little celebration, a glass of rose in my special Wedgewood crystal with a scented candle, for doing a few things that scared me.

So what scares Wealthy Chick? Lots, and this week it was launching my first Facebook ad and finding the right person to build my website. I know, frightening stuff, a recurring theme that my life is an award winning horror movie.

So why was I scared? That most common fear, that I didn’t know what I was doing and I would do it wrong! Plus for the website I dislike working with trades people because I fear being ripped off. Despite these fears (which are mostly in my head) I jumped in, and with a bit of research both turned out well. Yay for me, celebration time.

Now you might think my fears weren’t that big, and guess what, in hindsight I agree, but before giving it a go I was anxious, felt uncomfortable and had to really motivate myself to do either.

Fears don’t need to be Big and Hairy to be Scary!


Last but definitely not least I’ll share a story of my brave friend Donna. I asked Donna to give my bootcamp a go as I know Donna likes to exercise outdoors when the weather is good. So what is scary about that you think?

Plenty, this was the first time Donna had ever attended a bootcamp, with people she had never met before, who could all be really fit! So what got Donna over the line, well it was free, a small group and I was there (okay, I could be over emphasising my involvement!).

Donna did amazing, and it was a bloody hard bootcamp. So how did Donna celebrate? With a delicious steak sandwich, on sourdough, yep that’s a celebration!

Do the stuff that scares you. I promise you taking the first step is the hardest and you won’t regret it. And then celebrate, use the expensive candles, the fancy crystal, drink the wine and eat the steak sandwich.



The Halloween Tax Blog

The Halloween Tax Blog

Halloween and taxes – strangely linked?

Let’s assume the ATO has a sense of humour, which is why the deadline for entering your tax return is Halloween. Boo, true horror story, tonight is the last night for most Australians to submit your tax return.


If you are one of the many people who left it to the last minute, because really 4 months is just not enough time, stop reading, go online, do your taxes, and read my awesome blog later.

The rest of us will take one for the Halloween team and put up with the annoying kids trick or treating , I find wine helps. Let me clarify, wine helps the adults, don’t be giving our precious wine to the trick or treaters, it’s a treat they don’t deserve.

Tax Refund – to shop or not to shop?

Firstly to those who received a tax bill, congratulations you were successful and earnt so much more money that you get to contribute to society by paying a little more tax. That’s pretty cool in my mind.


If you received a refund what was your first reaction, woo hoo, come on Barbie let’s go party? I get you, in years gone by that was my first reaction, and action, because I am a doer so I’d follow through on the thought, and blow the money on clothes, shoes, dinner, drinks, dancing.


I’ll admit it was fun, but can we get more out of our tax refund and still party with Barbie?

 My top 3 tips for making the most of your tax refund

1. This one is important, and I’ll admit, boring. Pay off your high interest debt, like credit cards, store cards, personal loans and overdrafts. Then be a wealthy chick and avoid getting in this type of debt ever again. If you have no willpower when it comes to a credit card, get rid of it and get a Visa or MasterCard debit card instead.

2. The fun starts now, set aside a percentage of the refund for you, for fun stuff. I usually make mine 20%, but the bigger the refund the smaller the percentage. How you use this is up to you, I put my fun money towards the bigger stuff like holidays, furniture, a new TV….which was internet enabled and now a fun night = Netflix’s.

3. Hopefully you now have 80% or more of your tax return left, it doesn’t matter the amount, to wisely invest in income generating assets. This might be shares, managed funds, property, education to invest in yourself, remember you are your most important asset, hands down.

Top tip#3 was boring

Thanks, I hear you, so let me explain and I think you’ll come around to seeing tip #3 as fun


Wealthy Chicks invest wisely in income generating assets so we can retire wealthy, maybe retire early, and absolutely retire with the aim of having worry free fun.

I want you to be dancing and singing “come on Barbie let’s go party” now, next year and when we retire. Ken can dance too, oops he lost his shirt, and pants. Who censors this blog?


Someone ate all my Milky Way’s

The trick or treating has already started, and me without a glass of wine! I know, and it’s already gone 6, diabolical! Plus I am down to my last 2 milky ways, out of 18, and these were my treats for the next fortnight! Now who wishes they had their tax to do!

Happy Halloween, and if thinking about your finances gives you the creeps contact me on Your first 30 minute session is free.

Bonus – I couldn’t do a Halloween tax blog without this little gem. You can thank me later, cheers wealthy Chicks, and yes the wine situation has been rectified!








How hiking the Inca Trail made me a wealthier chick

How hiking the Inca Trail made me a wealthier chick

I’ll start off by saying hiking the Inca trail is an awe-inspiring experience, although at times it felt like hell! Altitudes an evil demon, so what did I learn, and how did a hike make me a wealthier chick?


Preparation, feels horribly like that boring word from a previous blog, research! I have to admit that, just like investing wisely, a mountain hike requires research and preparation. I did back to back hikes to make sure I was fit and, incredibly important, had worn in my hiking boots, and it worked as I didn’t suffer a single blister.

Do the research and spend the money on quality hiking boots, hiking socks and a very warm sleeping bag (<1 degree at night, artic!). Go to the travel doctor, get the shots, get the altitude sickness tablets, be prepared because once you are on that mountain, it might be too late.

And wet wipes, bring lots of large wet wipes! Trust me…..

Listen and learn from the Experts


It was timely that my previous blog was about learning from experts, because sometimes I can be a stubborn, independent, little Miss! Not on this hike, from day one I put aside my ego and relied on my guides, here’s just a couple of examples:

  • if your experienced guide uses 2 hiking poles, hire 2 poles. He’s not trying to scam you, hire 2 poles! Those poles steadied me down very rocky hills and gave me something to lean my head on, often, when I was exhausted going up mountains (I worried I’d have a permanent pole handle imprint on my forehead!);
  • breathing, sounds basic right, but in altitude I needed to change my breathing and,despite sounding like a heavy breathing stalker, it made a huge difference; and
  • drink more water! I usually limit my water intake while hiking to avoid having to pee in the bush, but in altitude water is vitally important to help move the little oxygen you are getting through the body.

The Value of a Supportive Team


You may have realised that I can be a bit hard on myself, a trait that came out on day 1 when things didn’t go according to my plan. I got really upset and angry with myself because I wasn’t powering through the hike, I felt slow, sluggish and quite frankly defeated by the first really big hill. What was the point of all my training…it’s called high altitude Amanda!

Thankfully the guides and Andrew & Paul, my rocks from Adelaide, were there to reassure me I was setting a good pace, in fact the same pace as them, that it’s not a race and it’s better to finish than burn out or injure yourself. Hike at your own pace, take breaks when your body needs it, and don’t compare yourself to others.

Over the 4 days we all had our struggles, so it was gratifying that there was always someone walking with you, encouraging you, cheering when you walked in to camp, or for me at my most vulnerable, willing to provide a hug when you reach the highest summit and start sobbing uncontrollably! There’s a frozen puddle of my tears on that mountain top, but you did not defeat me, and don’t mess with me again…please!

We all need a supportive team on hand/phone to cheer for you in the good times, and support you through the challenging times. There will always be challenges and you can’t, and don’t, need to do everything on your own.

Stop and appreciate the journey

It was very tempting to put your head down and hike to the next camp with only short breaks to give the body a rest, but this focus on the destination and not the journey meant missing out on some wonderful experiences.

Our guide put it perfectly when he said “why are you focused on getting to the next camp, are you ever going to be here, on the Inca Trail, again? So take your time, look around, take lots of photo’s, the camp will be there when you get there.”

I took his advice, I stopped, I looked back to appreciate how far I had hiked instead of focusing on how much further I had to go. I took lots of photo’s, and sometimes I just sat and took in the beauty of the Inca trail and appreciated how lucky I was hiking in the Peruvian mountains.

Okay, I mostly sat with my head leaning on my hiking poles praying for some flat land!

Celebrate success


Our last day, an amazing sense of achievement hiking through the gates of Machu Pichu at dawn, then after more hiking we arrive at the top of Machu Pichu, looking over and then exploring this awe-inspiring complex before the hoards of tourists arrive.

Because we weren’t tourists, we’d earned the right to be here because we’d hiked the Inca trail, not come up the mountain in a bus! Oh, but how we envied how clean those “tourists” looked, and smelt!

Fast forward to the best part of the day, celebrating with our fellow hikers, sharing stories, with a beer or a wine (or both, was that just me?), in a restaurant, with stable chairs on flat ground! We’d made it, and yes it was a tough physical and mental challenge, but that made the celebrations even sweeter.

Hiking the Inca trail made me realise that I shouldn’t take anything new or difficult that I do for granted. I will no longer belittle my achievements because someone else did it first, faster or “better” (what is better anyway?). I pushed myself to overcame obstacles, I kept going and I did it. I am not embarassed to say I am proud of myself and that’s worth celebrating.


I am immensely grateful that I was able to experience the Inca trail with 2 of my closest friends. I am also grateful that hiking and camping reminded me to appreciate the little things I take for granted.

Flat comfy bed – oh the luxury of a mattress and pillows! I spent one night hoping I didn’t slide out of the tent and off the edge of a hill (see photo below, and that was a fun night time toilet trip!), and another night rolling on to my tent buddy, such is life camping in the mountains.


Hot showers – after 4 days of “washing” with wet wipes my first shower was luxurious. Washing 4 days of sweat and Inca trail dust off my skin and out of my disgusting hair was better than a scrub at a fancy day spa.

A real toilet – that flushes and isn’t just a toilet seat balancing on a big bucket placed on unsteady ground. Plus a light as it was quite challenging to balance with only a head lamp. And solid walls, if you get stage fright a toilet tent offers very little privacy!

Why am I a wealthier chick?

For me being a wealthy chick isn’t just about money, it’s about experiences, friendships, smashing your comfort zone and overcoming challenges.

On the second day of the hike I was extremely exhausted from the lack of oxygen, zero sleep and an upset tummy. The thought of hiking continuously uphill for about 5 hours was daunting, so daunting I had a little cry before we left.

But I was determined to arrive at Machu Pichu with everyone else, and if that meant climbing up a mountain than that’s what I would do. One step at a time, well actually one step up at a time, no breaks on this mountain climb! I kept going, I made it to the summit, and I cried uncontrollably because I was so relieved it was over, and so proud I made it.

My increased wealth came from demonstrating to myself that if I put my mind to it and believe I can achieve something, it will get done, no matter how hard the journey.

Let me coach you to understand and overcome your fears, achieve your goals and most importantly celebrate your successes.

Oh, and I go to see lots of Alpaca’s and Llama’s on the hike, cue cute animal photo!



Don’t take Driving Lessons from someone who can’t Drive

Don’t take Driving Lessons from someone who can’t Drive

In my last blog I talked about getting out of your head and a way to do that is to learn from experts…..the key word there is experts!

Not the guy next door who’s investment portfolio is made up of Smurf figurines.


I love Smurfs, but this is not the guy to help get you out of your head.

Which brings me to the heading, would you take driving lessons from someone who has never driven?

Here’s some more information,  what if they had no desire to drive, are scared of driving and believes cars are are dangerous? You’d run a mile, and you have to run because now you are just as scared of driving as they are!

Yet when we are stuck in our head, let’s say about buying our first investment property, who do we turn to? Family and friends, who don’t invest but have a bunch of horror stories to share. Remember M Night Shalalalala from my first blog?

What is wrong with this you ask, their stories match your concerns,  therefore 1+1 = investment properties are nightmares worthy of M Night Shalalalala (how do you spell his name, I must find out?). What’s wrong? These are not their stories, they don’t invest in property, they invest in Smurfs.

Your family and friends have the best intentions, but you nearly learnt to drive from someone who can’t drive!

Here are the 2 most common horror stories I hear from people who don’t have an investment property, but want to give me advice:


No Tenant and you can’t pay the Mortgage?

This is the first horror grenade non investors like to throw. The property won’t rent, it’ll be empty for months, and you can’t pay the mortgage. Here’s the reality:

  • less than 53% of Australian adults own their own home, and this is projected to fall below 50% in the next few years. Add in population growth and the number of people renting increases further. Woo hoo, a growth market.
  • the number of new properties being built is not keeping up with population growth. More people renting and not enough properties, double woo hoo!
  • well maintained properties in the right area, right price will rent, all the time.

There are very few, very few, rental properties that don’t rent, and with good research you can avoid those properties (a whole blog on its own!)


Tenants will trash the house!

Horror grenade 2 and I love this one. The conversation usually starts with “there was a story on Today Tonight”. They will talk about how all tenants are evil and your house will be turned in to a rodent infested meth lab, which explodes as they are incompetent drug cooks.

The reality is for most tenants this is their home, it’s where they sleep at night, where they feel safe, entertain their family and friends, watching shows about meth labs!


I ask you, have you ever rented, or currently rent? Did you or will you trash the house?

If more than 50% of the population is going to be renting, are they all going to be house trashers?

I don’t ignore the risk that there are undesirable tenants, but you can protect yourself with landlord insurance and a robust tenant selection process.

The cost of landlord insurance is proof that tenants that trash are rare. Annual landlord insurance premiums usually cost the equivalent of 1 weeks rent. Why so cheap I hear you ask?

Insurance companies have really smart people working out premiums, and they reckon the risk of a dodgy tenant is low, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Tenant selection, my advice is outsource and get a great agent. Aside from having better things to do with my time, agents have access to potential tenants, other agents and databases that aren’t accessible to you and I.

Let me help you get out of your head, I know how to drive, in fact I love driving. There might be a few wrong turns, a speeding fine, you could feel a little lost, but if we use the GPS we’ll reach your destination, your investment goals.

Disclaimer:  I will pay my own speeding fines!