I am a fan of being grateful, I do it every morning and it never fails to reset my mood, yet I’m usually grateful for external things or events, I rarely think about what I do well.

Like most people I go to bed thinking about what I can do better tomorrow. No perfectionism here! In all seriousness, it’s not the most positive way to go to sleep.

Then I read this little bit of wisdom in the book Option B, by Sheryl Sandberg. Before you go to sleep, look back on your day and reflect on 3 things you did well.

This strategy works really well when you are having one of those days when this thought raises its ugly head “everything is going wrong, I can’t do anything right!”

Nip that in the bud before you lose hours of sleep, take a deep breathe, reflect positively on the day, and ask:

What 3 Things Did I do Well Today?

Simple yet effective. Well, maybe not so simple for those of us who are overly critical of ourselves, we can lie there for hours struggling to think of even one big thing we did well, so I suggest you ditch the need to solve all of the worlds problems, and start small.

When I say start small, how small? To help you along I’ll share some of mine:

  • Parallel parked like an expert on a busy Sydney street (especially proud of this one!)
  • Booked a ticket for a business networking event (networking is not scary!)
  • Finished another module towards achieving money archetypes certification
  • Made an awesome cup of tea
  • Meditated for 10 minutes
  • Reached out to a friend to wish her all the best in her new business venture
  • Walked the dog
  • Offered to put the neighbours bins out while they are on holiday
  • Made pate for the first time, it was delicious
  • Got out of bed, early!

None of these things are going to change the world, nor are they about boosting my ego, however when I take the time to look back on my day, no matter what type of day, I can find three things that I did well.

So how would you like to go to sleep? Worrying about what you can do better tomorrow, or celebrating what you did well today?

I would love to know what 3 things you did well today.